gay for kim hyoyeon. future wifey of kim jongin. junmyeon is my boyfriend. jongdae is my lover. zitao is my prince. chaerin is my queen. miryo is my goddess. tablo is my god. i hate oh sehun. exostan, v.i.p, sone, blackjack, bbc, shawol, angel, baby.
love without tragedy

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hello! i’m sorry for putting this in the tags but i have like 2 followers ok. anyway thanks to my lucky stars, i (well and my boyfriend i guess) have miraculously managed to preorder 2 premium die jung sets oh my jesus. anyway instead of cancelling the order, i’ve decided to give one away…. none of my friends really like exo so woohoo

so, rules n stuff

☆ what you get a die jungs, aka exo’s first photobook, premium set! this includes the m, k, and exo versions which isn’t much different from buying all 3 but i think you get more photo cards so yasss.  i’ve heard it’s sold out…… wink wink
☆ what you have to do reblog this post! uh likes don’t really count? idk why but i feel like if you really want it you will reblog! it! and mess up your archive i know but hey it’s life. also if you’re under 18, please get your parent’s permission. i don’t want you or me getting in trouble omg
☆ what you don’t have to do follow me! if i limited this to followers that wouldn’t do much bc like i said i don’t have that many haha;; but if you wanna be my friend pls do (ˊॢo̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)
☆ etc. international shipping / there’ll be one winner and they have 48 hrs to respond / keep your ask open / don’t spam / no giveaway blogs none of that 
☆ we ordered them from different websites so the shipping time varies, but i don’t wanna rush this so giveaway ends september 19 at midnight pst!

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Time for my annual back-to-school giveaway! I got so much goodies and stuff for the winner, because I just found some old unused things in my closet and I’d really like them to be somewhere else now (hehehe) I’m super excited and I hope you guys are as excited as I am! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

So, I’m gonna throw in the list of all the stuff I’m giving away ~ I have included links to all the items for those who might be curious on where I got them! 

image Pink Pastel Seifuku (medium) - Ebay

image Pink Short Sleeve FUK U Print Shirt (one-size) - Sheinside

image White Desserts Print Pleated Skirt (one-size) - Sheinside

image White Sleeveless Cat Print Shirt (one-size) - Sheinside

image Pink Winged Backpack - Storenvy

image Pink Winged Alarm - Storenvy

image Floral Contact Lens Case - Amazon

image Long Pink Wavy Wig - Storenvy

image 50 cm Alpacasso Plush (Yellow) - Blippo

image GEO Ultra CK105 - Pinkyparadise

image And some cute stickers, mini notebooks and pens + pencils from Yesstyle and Bilppo!

All of these items are new!These items have not been used and most of them have just been opened from my mail packages! 

And now, the rules! Please follow these rules. They’re quite simple and they’re not very hard to follow. (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

❀ YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME! -The number one rule in this game! Please play fair. Don’t just follow me just for this giveaway. It would be great if you guys check out my blog。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

❀ NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS! - I will check all the blogs that will follow me. I’ll take time to check all of them! So you better be careful!

❀ I WILL PICK THE WINNER USING RANDOM.ORG! - Please do not bombard me “you only picked her/him because she’s/he’s your friend…” etc etc during the end date where I will post the winner. I use the random picker generator for these kinds of purposes!

❀ LIKES DO NOT COUNT! - I won’t count likes anymore unless you’re liking this post as a reference.

❀ REBLOGS ONLY!!!!!!!!!! - Please be always considerate of your followers when reblogging this post.

❀ AND FOR THE WINNER…please keep your ask box open! Especiallly during the end date! If you win and your ask isn’t open, then I will pick a new winner! 

❀ I WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! - I will ship using FedEx and will provide you with a tracking number for your items!

❀ GIVEAWAY ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 5TH! - I made it to this date because that’s when people usually start school in this side of the globe! (*´・v・)

** Please follow all these rules! ** These are very basic and simple! If you follow them, then you might be able to win! If you have an questions/concerns/comments, feel free to visit my ask box! 

Goodluck everyone! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

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Romantic Mermaid Wavy Brown Wig

Flower Crowns

**All clothing fits sizes Small-Medium and some are Freesize!


Edit: If you do happen to follow me on Tumblr, i will give you an extra pair of circle lenses! ^_^

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how to graphic? anyways watch out armys a giveaway coming your way from me to you sincerely.


  • 2 kool 4 skool album
  • O!RUL8,2? album
  • Skool Luv Affair album
  • Dark & Wild album
  • Prefered member jersey

how to enter:

  • must be following me.
  • reblog as much as you want to, just try not to spam your followers.
  • likes do not count.
  • no giveaway blogs.
  • leave your ask box open at all times.
  • this is worldwide, meaning i ship internationally, and i pay for shipping fees.
  • winners will be selected using on october 1st, 2014. 12 pm @ est.

good luck 

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heyyyyyy im doing a giveaway because i needa get rid of some shit ok so the prizes are:

- A pair of The 1975 tickets for November 20th in Hollywood

- A white iPhone 5

- A Macbook Air

-A black Gibson Les Paul


You must be following me

You have to reblog this post

You may reblog as many times as you want

It ends on September 30th at midnight. Good Luck!!!

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1 winner for Die Jungs Photobook

1 Winner for an Overdose Album

and 9 Xperia T2 Phones for 9 Winners

Rules are simple

  • Reblog this as many as you want but dont spam
  • Follow me on instagram @gherrylyn (dont unfollow if you dont win)
  • Aftet I accepted you, Like this picture so I’ll know you enter the giveaway (dont comment anything just like it)
  • Absolutely no giveaway blogs
  • You don’t need to follow this blog
  • Must be 18+ or just ask for your parent’s permission
  • Must be willing to give your address for shipping

I will chose the 11 winners via so everything is fair

This ends if I this got enough notes, likes and followers on instagram so


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Hello, all! I have decided that we need to give more support to Taemin’s new solo ventures, so I will be giving away his new Mini Album ACE! :D

I will be paying all the expenses, so don’t worry about needing to pay for shipping or anything. That would be ridiculous. There will be one winner. you will win a brand new, unopened copy of ACE purchased via kpopmart.

The winner will be contacted within an hour of the giveaway’s ending via their ask box (have the ask box open!). You must respond to me within 24 hours, or another winner will be chosen.

Winners will be chosen via 

Here are the rules!

  • you must be following me (I’m going to check! I want this to be for my followers!)
  • reblogs and likes count
  • you must be a resident of either the US or Canada I changed my mind! I’ll be shipping worldwide :)
  • you may not delete the caption text
  • reblog or like as many times as you want
  • NO giveaway blogs! (I’ll be checking this, as well. it wouldn’t be fair to people who don’t have giveaway blogs because they can only reblog a few times or else they will clutter up their blog!)
  • Please be over the age of 15 or at least get parental consent to give me your address for shipping

This giveaway will be ending September 13 at 12pm EST! Good luck to all of you! ♥

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Hello, once again. I am hosting my 2nd giveaway, I will be choosing 1 winner. Good luck!


  • Must be following chi-senpai (if you win & you unfollow afterwards. I will block you.)
  • You can reblog as many times as you want, likes won’t count but you can like for reference.
  • For an extra entry you can follow me on instagram (@chisenpai)
  • No giveaway blogs, inactive or side blogs.
  • If you’re under the age of 18, you must consent from your parent/guardian since I will be needing your address.
  • The winner will have 48 hours to respond after I have messaged them, if they fail to respond then I will choose a new winner.
  • Please do not delete the text.
  • This giveaway is international!


  • Any item from spreepicky 
  • A pair of tights from sandysshop 
  • Any wig from tokyodolls  
  • Makeup, false eyelashes, nailpolish, etc. (depends on the winner. the winner will get to choose which one they want)
  • Japanese treats!

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with tumblr. You are sending your information to me and not to tumblr or any other site.

This giveaway will end on October 16th, 2014. Good luck! shsldoom made the banner.

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So in lieu of Winner debuting, I thought it’d be fun to have a Winner Album Giveaway! If you haven’t gotten an album yet, never fear! All of these gahave been purchased by me, and they are completely new! There may be more things added, and I will be revealing the photocards later, but hey— let’s get to the details already!


  • FIRST PRIZE: WINNER Limited Edition! You will be deciding the color. As well, you will receive a personal doodle-sketch of your Winner bias and OTP! 
  • SECOND PRIZE: WINNER Launching Edition album with your choice of photocard! The one I will confirm right now is Kang Seungyoon— but keep your eyes peeled, because the others will be revealed soon! As well, you will receive a personal doodle-sketch of your Winner bias and OTP!
  • THIRD PRIZE: Same as above, but you will have the second choice!
  • FOURTH PRIZE: Same as above, but might not get a photocard.
  • This post will be edited if I add anything, so yeah. 


  • The deadline for this will be September 30, 2014
  • You must be comfortable with sharing your address to some random Canadian dude (me), because of obvious reasons. That being said, you can be from anywhere around the world to enter!
  • The above being said, you must have permission to enter! If you’re living on your own/18+ then it’s cool, but youngin’s gotta ask your parents! 
  • BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR SUBMIT OPEN BY THE DEADLINE. If you do not have your submit or askbox open, I have no way of contacting you! If you do not have your submit open by 24 hours of the deadline, I will be giving the album away to someone else.
  • Likes count as 1 entry, reblogs count as 1 entry.
  • You don’t have to be following askwinner but hey, it’d be awesome if you did!
  • No giveaway blogs!
  • If you want an extra entry, then this would be a pretty cool thing to do
  • Have fun, and good luck!

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