gay for kim hyoyeon. future wifey of kim jongin. junmyeon is my boyfriend. jongdae is my lover. zitao is my prince. chaerin is my queen. miryo is my goddess. tablo is my god. i hate oh sehun. exostan, v.i.p, sone, blackjack, bbc, shawol, angel, baby.
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Well I have a job finally so really there is no excuse for me not to do a giveaway, plus I feel really sad for all the ELFs who can’t afford an album! So yay, free stuff!


Likes and reblogs count. You can only like once, but reblogs are unlimited. Please don’t drive your followers crazy, though.

You must be following me! Also, if you follow me just for the giveaway and then unfollow after, I will cry a lot.

No giveaway blogs - and I will check!

Please have your ask box open or else I have no way to tell you that you’ve won. Winners have 48 hours to respond to me and then the prize will be given to someone else.

I will ship anywhere in the world and I hope this is obvious but you have to be comfortable giving a total stranger (me, hi :) your address and real name. 


One copy of Super Junior’s Mamacita album (with no poster)

I will probably throw some other shit in the boxes too like candy, stickers, cosmetics, etc. But that all depends on how I feel when I’m packing up the prizes. 

There will be three winners in total.

The giveaway ends on September 20, 2014, unless for some reason it takes longer than that for the albums to arrive at my house, in which case I will extend the giveaway until I have the copies here to send to you!

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It’s that time of the year again where I decided to host another giveaway to thank all of you lovely folk!

Prizes will include:

  • 1 pair of Totoro-printed faux thigh high tights.
  • A long light brown & pink wig
  • A Hello Kitty Recyclable bag
  • Love & Beauty sheer lip color bunny pen
  • Love & Beauty rosy heart compact mirror
  • Make Cookies Not War cookie shaped keychain (picture here)
  • Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club poster (picture here)
  • 1 box of Hello Panda vanilla filled cookies
  • 1 box of Hello Panda chocolate filled cookies
  • 1 bag of Korean milk candy
  • 1 bag of Tenkei strawberry filled marshmallows
  • 1 bag of Hello Kitty sour gummy candy
  • 1 Glico Giant Caplico chocolate
  • 1 container of Rilakkuma strawberry puffs


  • Please no side-blogs or giveaway blogs. I will be checking & keeping track!
  • Likes do count, but reblogs are more looked at!
  • There is no limit on how many times you reblog.
  •  Make sure to have your ask box open.
  •  You’ll need to be comfortable with giving me your address &
     If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll need your guardian’s permission.
  •  Please do not delete the text.
  •  Have fun!

When the time comes, ONE winner will be chosen on RANDOM.ORG & will receive a message from me. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

For extra entries- Please follow me on instagram and/or my new FB page, then send me a pm of your username(s).
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"A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her."

—Unknown (via quotethat)

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depression is when you don’t really care about anything

anxiety is when you care too much about everything

and having both is just like what

Having both is staying in bed because you don’t want to go to school and then panicking because you don’t want to fail. Having both is wanting to go see your friends so you don’t lose them all, then staying home in bed because you don’t want to make the effort. Having both is insanely hard and sucks to deal with.

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Hello lovelies :) I just reached my follower goal, so i thought it would only be appropriate to somehow thank the people who have been following me :D 

Okay okay  here’s how the giveaway will work.

There will be three winners that will be decided by

The first winner will receive 3 albums of their choice from the list below, second winner will receive 2, and third winner will receive 1. (I may be adding more winners depending on how many reblogs this gets) Winners will be notified through their ask box and also be tagged in a post I know that this is a smaller giveaways than most… but this girl don’t got money. I currently do not own these albums. How this will work is that i will place an order for the albums you want through kpoptown, but instead of having them shipped to my address, i’ll just type in your address. (if you prefer for me to personally mail them, please just message me :D ) This basically means that the three different winners aren’t affected by the albums the other two chose. Okay? okay. 

Here is the list of albums that i’m offering (also in the picture): 

  • EXO - XOXO (Chinese or Korean) 
  • EXO - XOXO Repackage Album: Growl (Chinese or Korean) 
  • EXO - Miracles in December (Chinese or Korean) 
  • EXO - Overdose (Chinese or Korean) 
  • GOT7 - Got It? 
  • GOT7 - Got Love 
  • Henry - Trap 
  • BTS - Skool Luv Affair 
  • Girls’ Generation - Mr.Mr. 
  • 2NE1 - Crush 
  • F(X) - Red Light 
  • B.A.P - First Sensibility 
  • B.A.P - One Shot 
  • B.A.P - No Mercy 
  • Taeyang - Rise 
  • G-Dragon - Coup D’etat 

If you’re wondering why these are the albums i chose; it’s just because i like them :D If there are any that you want that aren’t on the list, feel free to message me ^^ 

Ok, like any other giveaway, here are my rules: 

  • Must be following me. It’s not that i’m making this giveaway to gain more followers or anything like that, but this is a piece of my gratitude to the people who are currently following me. 
  • No giveaway blogs please
  • Reblogs only please :D You can reblog as many times as you want, but keep your followers in mind ^^ XD 
  • Winners must have their ask box open and reply within 48 hours of notification and be willing to provide their name and address. 
  • If you are 15 or younger, please get your parents permission before giving anybody me your information. 
  • Shipping worldwide :D 
  • Please do not delete the text. >.< 
  • Please message me if there are something unclear or if you have any questions here ^^ 

This giveaway ends Monday, September 1st at 2:00pm EST. 

Good luck everybody ^^ and thanks for participating! 

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Hello young friends! In celebration of Taemin’s solo debut, I have put together a small giveaway to support our favourite maknae.
This giveaway is featuring Helen’s fabulous artwork also, so please do give Helen some love and check out her artwork for yourself! x x


  • This giveaway will have only 1 winner.
  • MBF me, this giveaway is only for my followers. I will be checking.
  • Likes do not count.
  • You can reblog as many times as you want (but please do not spam your followers!)
  • Your ask box must be open.
  • If you are a young human please make sure you have your parents consent before giving me your home address upon winning this giveaway. 
  • Giveaway will end on September 23rd.

Prize includes:
Taemin’s Solo Debut CD: Ace
Shinee Taemin ACE Framed Art (21” X 15”)
Shinee Taemin Details Mug 
Further prizes may be added at a later date. So please keep an eye on this space.

Please enjoy this small giveaway and happy blogging!

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Japan-Korea-Canada’s First Giveaway!!!!!


Ok, so I promised I’d do a giveaway once I hit 300+ followers, so here it is.


  1. No giveaway blogs please. 
  2. Must be following me. This is for my followers only. Please DO NOT follow then unfollow after the giveaway is done. That’s mean and it’s not fair.
  3. Must be 16+ to participate. I will be asking for your address and personal info. If you’re not 16, ask your parents for permission first please. I don’t want anyone to get in trouble.
  4. There will be 6 winners. They will get to choose any albums from the list below.
  5. This giveaway is international. I will pay for shipping fees and such.
  6. Reblog up to 5 times per day. Likes count as one entry.
  7. I will be selecting the winner by a random number generator.
  8. If there’s another album you would like instead of the one listed, it will be open for discussion.
  9. You may choose from Japanese/Chinese or Korean versions depending on the album.
  10. You have 48 hours to respond to my message telling you you won.
  11. I will send 3 messages within the 48 hours to make sure Tumblr isn’t eating the messages.
  12. If you don’t respond by then, I will choose another winner.
  13. I will ask the blogs before publicly announcing the winners with their consent first- I don’t want anyone to be harassed or bullied.


  • First Place: 5 albums of choice+5 face masks from THEFACESHOP
  • Second Place: 4 albums of choice+4 face masks from THEFACESHOP
  • Third Place: 3 albums of choice+3 face masks from THEFACESHOP
  • Fourth Place: 3 albums of choice
  • Fifth Place: 2 albums of choice
  • Sixth Place: 2 albums of choice


  1. After School…..Dress To Kill
  2. Akdong Musician…..Play
  3. AOA…..Miniskirt
  4. BAP……First Sensibility
  5. B1A4…..In The Wind
  6. Beast…..Good Luck
  7. Big Bang…..Alive (or a solo album by one of the members)
  8. Block B…..Jackpot
  9. EXO…..Overdose (EXO-M and/or EXO-K)
  10. F(x)…..Red Light
  11. The GazettE…..Beautiful Deformity
  12. Girls’ Generation…..Love & Peace
  13. Infinite…..Season 2 
  14. JYJ…..2014 Comeback Album (or a solo album by one of the members)
  15. Ladies’ Code…..Pretty Pretty
  16. Nu’Est…..Re:Birth
  17. Orange Caramel…..Lipstick
  18. RaNia…..Just Go
  19. SHINee…..Boys Meet U
  20. Super Junior…..Sexy, Free & Single
  21. Super Junior M…..Swing
  22. TVXQ…..Spellbound
  23. U.Kiss…..Mono Scandal
  24. VIXX…..Voodoo
  25. 2NE1…..Crush (Japanese or Korean ver.)

Giveaway will end September 1st. 

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Hello to all of our lovely followers! We are both SO EXCITED to be doing a joint giveaway!! **SQUEEE** We both love and appreciate you all so much for making our days on Tumblr brighter! This time we have decided to do a themed giveaway for the Almighty Key!

☆☆☆ RULES & INFO ☆☆☆

  • This is for our followers only so, you must be following BOTH jinki-bunny and aegyo-shinee. We will check. :)
  • Open internationally.
  • There will only be one winner, selected through random generator. Winner will receive 3 packages.
  • Likes and multiple reblogs allowed but please do not spam
  • Ends: September 23rd (Key’s Birthday!) at 11pm EST

Please click on Read More for prizes!

Read More

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hello! i’m sorry for putting this in the tags but i have like 2 followers ok. anyway thanks to my lucky stars, i (well and my boyfriend i guess) have miraculously managed to preorder 2 premium die jung sets oh my jesus. anyway instead of cancelling the order, i’ve decided to give one away…. none of my friends really like exo so woohoo

so, rules n stuff

☆ what you get a die jungs, aka exo’s first photobook, premium set! this includes the m, k, and exo versions which isn’t much different from buying all 3 but i think you get more photo cards so yasss.  i’ve heard it’s sold out…… wink wink
☆ what you have to do reblog this post! uh likes don’t really count? idk why but i feel like if you really want it you will reblog! it! and mess up your archive i know but hey it’s life. also if you’re under 18, please get your parent’s permission. i don’t want you or me getting in trouble omg
☆ what you don’t have to do follow me! if i limited this to followers that wouldn’t do much bc like i said i don’t have that many haha;; but if you wanna be my friend pls do (ˊॢo̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)
☆ etc. international shipping / there’ll be one winner and they have 48 hrs to respond / keep your ask open / don’t spam / no giveaway blogs none of that 
☆ we ordered them from different websites so the shipping time varies, but i don’t wanna rush this so giveaway ends september 19 at midnight pst!

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As some of you might be familiar with, I am going to Seoul in September. It might be a while to, but I wanted to give you all a chance to participate in this.
I will be in Seoul for almost three weeks, together with daelody and so I want to get my cute and lovely followers something from South Korea~

There will be two winners.
☆ Each winner will get to choose 1 relatively new album by anyone they want. (It must be easy enough to find)
☆ Each winner will get Korean skincare and makeup products.
☆ Each winner will get one sweater. (If this is not pleased, it can be traded for something else)
☆ Each winner will get souvenirs from Seoul.
☆ I will ship internationally. It won’t cost the winners anything.

☆ You must be following me.
☆ You must reblog and / or like this post.
☆ No sideblogs allowed.
☆ No giveaway blogs allowed.
☆ You can reblog this as much as you want. Please do not spam your followers.
☆ Winner will be chosen through
☆ You must be allowed & willing to give me your full name and address.
☆ Your ask must be open, so I can contact you if you win.
☆ If you win, you must reply to me within 24 hours.


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